• Scoop RakeScoop Rake

    Scoop Rake

    26 inch wide blade, rugged aluminum construction, laser-cut teeth and perfect angles make this tool your park staff’s best friends!
  • Scoop RakeScoop Rake

    Scoop Rake (Today’s)

    Same as our classic Scoop but with a slightly thinner blade.
  • Swinger RakeSwinger Rake

    Swinger Rake

    Lightweight 24 inch wide blade, ideal for maintaining lift stations & light duty maintenance.
  • Vert ShovelVert Shovel

    Vert Shovel

    A razor-sharp stainless-steel blade that cuts through the hardest snow, making your park look like it was built with Lego Blocks!
  • Telescopic Vert ShovelTelescopic Vert Shovel

    Telescopic Vert Shovel

    Same as our classic vert with a telescopic handle goes up to 96” inches ideal for large features such as jumps, hips, quarter-pipes.